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VST Precision Filter Basket 58mm


VST Precision Filter Basket 58mm is the perfect portafilter basket for those in search of the ultimate cup. A 22-gram ridgeless VST basket that fits most E-61 group heads and any 60mm that works with a tamper 58.3mm.

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VST Precision Filter Basket is useful among La Marzocco, Synesso and most Nuova Simonelli machines using their standard portafilters. Every VST portafilter comes serialized with unique 2-D code for measurement. And QA on patented VST Digital Filter Imaging System too. As a result, authenticity and performance of VST filter is ensured. Apart from this, VST came up with filter baskets for a more controllable and predictable espresso. Therefore, every basket is similar and consistent.


VST Precision Filter Basket Features

  • Firstly, it recommends 58.40mm tamper
  • Measured holes for circularity, placement, square area and blocked holes
  • Makes use of new micro-machine and finishing process to fabricate holes
  • Also warranted for one year and zero defects like other VST portafilters
  • Matches for total square area to +/- 5% ensuring identical performance
  • Improved structural integrity, will withstand deflection from pump cycling without premature fatigue failures (see VST Warranty)
  • Wide outlet angle to prevent filters from clogging,
  • Also comes with patented anti-wear design ensuring uniform performance for life of product
  • Centered to +/- 1.0 mm hole pattern and oriented placement for uniform extraction
  • VST’s precision filters deliver consistent extraction performance over a wide range of concentration with reduced sediment
  • Above all, it extracts properly as a ristretto, normale or lungo with minimal or no change in grind setting at a fixed dose


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