Baratza Sette 270


Take the guesswork out of your daily grind with the Baratza 270 Grinder. A unique grind adjustment dial borrows from both stepped and stepless adjusters to get you expertly dialed-in without the time commitment or wasted beans. Supplementary features include three programmable grind doses, adjustable container/portafilter arms and a tool-free disassembly for easy cleaning and maintenance. The Sette’s drop through design offers low retention and high-speed grinding in a small platform.

  • Macro- and Micro-adjust Conical Burr
  • Time-based Dosing
  • Adjustable Portafilter Holder
  • Compact Footprint
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Baratza Sette 270 Features and Functionality

  • Programmable Dosing – Dial in and save three grind times for unbeatably consistent single shots, double shots or drip coffee.
  • Adjustable Holder Arms – Curved, rubber coated arms are designed to hold on to portafilters, containers and brew baskets alike for less mess from every grind. A newly redesigned portafilter hook offers a stable base for multiple portafilter sizes.
  • Dual-adjust Settings – Stepped macro grind settings make it a cinch to get in the ballpark for espresso shots or immersion brewing. A stepless micro adjust dial then lets you get to the perfect grind consistency.
  • Brand New Burrs – Baratza’s brand new burr gearing inverts the classic design, rotating the outer burr instead of the inner for a more efficient set up. This new design allows for an easy-peasy drop-out disassembly that doesn’t require any tools.
  • Hopper Door – A fun rotating door lets you remove the hopper without spilling beans everywhere.



So Fresh and so Clean – The surprisingly simple tool-less hopper and burr removal made it incredibly easy to brush out old grounds.

Programming for Dummies – The three timed grind presets were intuitive enough to set before reading the manual, and the LCD screen sports a strong backlight and clear, easy to read numerals.

Slim and Trim – At a delightfully svelte five inches across, its easy to squeeze the Sette 270 between your toaster and espresso machine or other appliances.

Speedy – The 270 grinds incredibly quickly, we clocked an 18-gram dose in just over 5 seconds.


Loud – Be prepared to wake up the whole house, the Sette is one of the louder home grinders we’ve tested.

Speedy – The 270 grinds way fast. Topping off a dose that is close to perfect is actually a little difficult with the pulse setting.