Helios 80


The Eureka Helios 80 is the latest generation coffee grinder from Eureka. With new 80 mm burrs and a user-friendly touch screen, the Helios sets a new benchmark in the world of coffee grinders. The performance, as you’d expect, is mind-blowing and the technology it has been fitted with is equally impressive. If you are looking for the newest and most technological coffee grinder in the market look no further.

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Eureka Helios 80 Features

/ “High Speed” Grind Dispersion
/ Stepless Micrometric Regulation System (patented by Eureka)
/ ACE System
/ “High Speed” Maintenance
/ All-Purpose Adjustable “Hands-Free” Fork
/ Touch screen (3 doses + continuos)
/ Maintenance alert customised for burrs type
/ Possibility to activate or deactivate the dose Pre-Selection
/ Three different grinding activation modes: only microswitch, only touch screen, both microswitch and touch screen
/ Total Control System available, allowing the user to set a password to manage and protect the advanced settings
/ Adjustable and removable outlet chute
/ Bean hopper security system

The Helios 80 is the coffee grinder that is meant to represent a new benchmark in the world of the professional coffee grinders. As the number in its name suggests, the new Helios has been fitted with 80 mm burrs powered by a whopping 920 W motor, more than any Eureka coffee grinder on sale. As a result, the productivity is truly impressive: 8 grams of coffee per second meaning a double dose will take less than 2 seconds. With dimensions slightly smaller than the other professional coffee grinders in the Eureka line-up, you won’t have to sacrifice space for performance. Performance is not the only thing Eureka has focused on because thanks to a new highly responsive and intuitive touch screen it manages to carry out new and unseen functions. On the main menu, you can decide up to 3 different timer settings: the single double and a third option for whatever other preparation you need. There is also a function called “Burrs Maintenance” which tells you exactly when you have to change the burrs, a function never seen in any coffee grinder ever before. When you will have to access the burrs, Eureka created an easy-access system that allows the upper panel to be easily lifted thanks to magnets.

Eureka Helios 80 Pros

Bigger Burrs: thanks to the 80 mm burrs you can now grind a single shot in less than one second and a double shot in less than 2. This has got to be the fastest coffee grinder so far.

Touch screen: the touch screen is now extremely intuitive and what is even more impressive is the responsiveness that is comparable to the latest generation smartphones.

Things to Consider

Hopper Sensor: Eureka has installed a sensor that will automatically shut down the coffee grinder when the hopper is removed. When putting the hopper back, make sure you position it in the exact original position if not the sensor will not let the coffee grinder turn back on.

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