Mahlkönig Ditting KR804


If you need a coffee grinder and volume and speed are not an issue, our 804 series grinders would get you started with a quality grinder to satisfy any application. The main deciding factory is what you will be grinding into – for coffee bags and filters, the KR804 with the vibrator plate is your best choice for low volume grinding. For grinding into filters or cans, the modified KR804 is your best choice.

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Mahlkönig Ditting KR804 Features

  • Professional grinding, precise dosing
  • Addition of a vibrator plate helps to save barista time
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Inclusion of a tapper to help knock out remaining coffee partials in the discharge tube
  • 1 RPM
  • Hopper capacity of 500 g
  • Daily grinding capacity of 13.6g
  • Price includes VAT