Kalerm K2601L


Kalerm K2601L is a fully automatic coffee machine with a capacity of 6L water tank perfect for offices! It features double milk and milk froth spouts, large big bean container, DIY rotary button and dual heating system for a quick cappuccino and latte.

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Kalerm K2601L Coffee Machine Highlights

  • Flat screen for a simple yet beautiful interface
  • New milk foam unit with double milk spouts
  • Also comes with integrated housing with big base
  • 6-litre big water tank useful especially for offices
  • 1000-gram big bean container


Main Features of Kalerm K2601L

  • Waste water tray in large 2-litre capacity
  • Auto fill-in water system with hose connecting water barrel
  • 1000-gram coffee bean container
  • Another container for coffee cake with storage capacity of 35 pieces
  • 6-litre water tank useful especially for large occasions
  • Also comes with intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning & information-reminding functions
  • Additionally, there are functions for auto-clean, and new milk frother unit with double milk spouts
  • Patented brew unit system
  • Above all, you can immediately create cappuccino, coffee latte, espresso and other coffee beverages with just one touch; without the need of moving the cup.


The Kalerm coffee machines work perfectly with espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, hot milk/cream and hot water.