Kalerm K90L


Kalerm K90L coffee machine comes with a large 6L water tank and a dual pump and dual heating system for a much higher efficiency. The kalerm coffee machine can create multiple cups one time perfect for beverages such as espresso, americano, latte. cappuccino, macchiate and hot water.

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Kalerm K90L Coffee Machine Features

  • Programmable switch on and off time
  • Huge container with capacity of 1Kg
  • Big base useful for waste water and coffee grounds
  • 3.5-inch TFT screen with touch buttons
  • Only one touch for creating multiple cups
  • Also, it can make coffee and milk froth at the same time for higher efficiency
  • Double coffee and milk froth outlets
  • Mains water connection
  • Optional large 6-litre water tank
  • Dual pump heating system for higher efficiency
  • Finally, with programmable beverage and beverage buttons, you can freely create your specialty coffee.