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The Leva machine comes with two types of machine named Leva X and Leva S. Leva X is designed to reimagine what a lever-actuated espresso machine can be while the Leva S machine is dedicated to those with an eye to the past and a vision for the future.

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Leva X : Reimagining what a lever-actuated espresso machine can be

Leva X coffee machine features an eye-catching design and lower profile for customer engagement. It reinvents the iconic lever machine design with more ergonomic elements. Leva is a cutting-edge cafe centerpiece encouraging engagement, coffee conversations and barista experimentation, while delivering the world’s best extraction of coffee. It focus not only on the physical beauty but also on the satisfaction found only in a truly mechanical system. The user can intervene in the pre-infusion pressure, shot extraction pressure and volume on every group. Through an innovative PID temperature control, Leva also improves the temperature stability of the traditional lever machine Its digital displays even show real time extraction pressure on the coffee puck, the pre-infusion and extraction time as well as the curve’s pressure of the shot.

Leva S : Dedicated to those with an eye to the past and a vision for the future

Leva rethinks the form of a lever espresso machine by giving line of sight to the captivating breakthrough mechanics. It features groundbreaking design and technology in a mechanical, reliably and user-friendly machine. The innovative design reduces by almost 50% the force required to operate the machine compared to a traditional lever machine, while introducing a safety clutch system. Leva S coffee machine makes it possible to adjust both pre-infusion pressure and the maximum extraction pressure delivered by the lever piston, allowing to attain consistent shots and personalize coffee brewing. Leva now sets a new standard for the reliability of a mechanical system.

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