Stradivari Professional Lusso


Stradivari Professional Lusso came after the success of the model Europiccola (1950) and Professional (1970). La Pavoni Stradivari is a machine that synthesize and has the purest share and most reliable technics.

According to the studies, this model drew inspiration from the violin, a sole musical instrument. Thanks to Antonio Stradivari, a famous lute-maker from Cremona, it became a work of art. The plinth remind to the violin case and the lever to the bow. As a result, it obtains a performance and an aesthetic and functional pleasure.

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Stradivari Professional Lusso coffee machine has a boiler capacity to produce up to 16 espressos or alternatively with steam directly from the boiler to produce 12 to 14 cappuccinos.

The pre-infusion of the hot water on the coffee grounds are incorporated in the machines, thus making it one of the advantages of La Pavoni lever machines. This pre-infusion allows the coffee oils to break through and extract a more intense espresso.

Stradivari’s simple mechanics together with the quality of the materials ensure that lime scale deposits have minimal effect. With that saying, it requires almost zero to minimum maintenance only.

Stradivari SPH machine features the following:

  • rosewood handles
  • pressure gauge
  • nickel plated brass boiler
  • nickel plated brass group head
  • steam wand
  • chrome base with stainless steel drip tray
  • cappuccino automatic frother
  • plastic tamper
  • measuring spoon


Stradivari Professional Lusso Features

True Italian Renaissance Espresso style — The La Pavoni delivers Lever action crema-topped espresso in minutes.

Pressure Profiling capabilities — Control the flow of water through your coffee to make vibrant thick crema.

Automatic Milk Frother — Finish you cappuccinos, lattes or flat whites in style with a specific Cappuccino  Automatic Milk Frother or manual steam wand.

Water level indicator — Handy water level indicator means you’ll never let your boiler run dry.

Unparalleled Build  — Solid, brass casing boiler provides excellent protection with minimum maintenance required.


Boiler capacity l. 1,6

Number of cups of espresso brewed 16

Steam delivery 15 min

Boiler pressure 0,7-0,8 bar

Average heating time 5 min

Safety valve

Steam tap with interchangeable device steam pipe / Cappuccino Automatic

Pressure Gauge

Water level indicator

On/off switch

Indicator light

Cappuccino Automatic

Manual reset safety thermostat

Pressurestat to keep a constant pressure in the boiler

Heating element 950 W

Width, Depth, Height 200x290x320 mm

Weight 6 Kg

Electrical specifications 220-240V 50/60Hz – 120V 60Hz