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Caffeo Barista T


The barista for your home.

From ristretto to flat white, a real barista knows best when it comes to coffee making. He already know which coffee bean type is ideal for every coffee specialty, in which order the ingredients should flow into your cup according to the original standard, and he remembers just how you wanted to drink your coffee.

Thanks to Melitta Caffeo Barista T for you can now enjoy barista variety in your very own home. With up to 18 delicious varieties of coffee, an elegant design and intuitive operating concept; it is a pleasure for all your senses.

Premium quality for connoisseurs.


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Aroma System
You can always choose the right type of coffee beans for your coffee specialty with the two-chamber bean container bean select. The special seal on the Aromasafe lid guarantees a genuine fresh coffee experience with every cup.

Intense Aroma Feature
The intense aroma feature can be selected instead of the standard brewing process. The result is an especially intensive tasting coffee – without having to change the amount of coffee or water you use. This feature can be selected for all coffee specialties.
My Coffee Memory
With the “My Coffee Memory” feature, you no longer need to set your personal coffee preferences each time you make a coffee!  Whether you prefer a small, strong espresso or a wonderfully creamy latte macchiato with lots of frothed milk – the Melitta Caffeo Barista T remembers your preferences! Good for up to 4 different people only.
18 coffee recipes
 The product buttons help you make the 4 classics: cappuccino, espresso, café crème, and latte macchiato at the touch of a button. The recipe book feature allows you to create 14 further coffee specialties such as flat white, americano, ristretto, or espresso doppio.
Original Preparation Process
– Making your coffee according to a barista while depending on the original standard with the ingredients added in the correct order is crucial. So with latte macchiato the espresso is added after the frothed milk and with cappuccino it is the other way round.
TFT colour display
– First class convenience: The high resolution TFT colour display makes it intuitive to use. The step-by-step instructions lead you simply through the menu.
Touch and Slide
– The innovative “touch and slide” feature helps you to simply and conveniently set and use your machine by gently touching the sensor panels.
Double Cup Mode
 With the Double Cup Mode you can make all coffee specialties for two people simultaneously, whether it has milk or without milk.
All-in-one outlet
– With separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water to prepare your favourite drink without moving your cup. The outlet is height adjustable up to 140mm so there is even space for tall latte macchiato glasses
Removable brewing unit
 The brewing unit is practical, easy to clean and easy to remove. This also allows the inside of the machine to be cleaned.
Flexible Plug-in Milk System
– Removable milk system, which can be attached to the right or left of the outlet, with an external, dishwasher-safe milk container which fits in every fridge.
Easy Steam Cleaning
– Quick and hygienic cleaning of the parts in contact with milk, using steam and hot water.
Stainless steel front
– A real eye-catcher with technical sophistication: The new front made of high quality stainless steel. Thanks to its Anti-Finger-Print surface, finger prints will not smudge the gleaming appearance of your Melitta Caffeo Barista T.

Mission eco & care
Melitta developed a label that uses a value system to help consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment.
Energy saving feature
– You can turn off your Melitta Caffeo Barista T completely at any time w
ith the 0-watt switch. The programmable energy-saving mode and adjustable automatic switch off feature also ensure economic use.

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