Opera V2


Sanremo Opera V2 started from a dream, which is both innovative and simple. An international group of coffee experts reunited together with the vision of creating the finest espresso machine ever.

The real users of coffee machines expressed their needs without any geographical or language barriers: having a precise tool which could allow them to control and manage different parameters and extraction phases in order to best evaluate each single or specific single mono-origin coffee blend.

Sanremo has organized a superior team starting from the initial brainstorming until the finish line, the Opera… this is a story about us, our experience, determination and passion.

Available on order – please allow 2-3 weeks lead time
Price incl. GST

Sanremo Opera Machine Range:

  • Octane
  • White
  • Black
  • Stainless Steel
  • Oxid

Sanremo Opera Features:

  • Temperature Regulation
  • Dose Regulation
  • Infusion Regulation
  • Equipped with ASUS tablet for bluetooth configuration
  • Exclusive CDS system (Control Delivery System)
  • Fitted with Competition Filters
  • Great ergonomics, details and innovative materials
  • Specific Drive  mechanic pump for each group


Opera espresso machine has multi-boiler system consisting of sophisticated electronic boards. It helps control the temperature throughout the phases of extraction, thus resulting to high accuracy thermal stability. Additionally, steam and coffee circuits work independently. As a result, it maximizes performance in every working condition even under high workload.


Front Panel

  • Crystal / Backlight (Etched)
  • Wood (Etched)
  • Steel Oxidise / Backlight (Etched)
  • Octane Blue / Backlight (Etched)
  • Blackboard Graphite writeable

Additional information


2 Group, 3 Group, 2 Group with Acaia Scales, 3 Group with Acaia Scales


Octane Blue, Octane Blue + Acaia Scales, White/Black/Stainless Steel, White/Black/Stainless Steel + Acaia Scales