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Aremde - Modus One

Aremde - Modus One

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*Aremde products have a lead time of 20 weeks.


NEXUS One was designed as a breakthrough innovation to set the creative and expressive possibilities of true coffee masters free and to give coffee lovers around the world a greater customer experience. In this journey of design there was one thing that became crystal clear to us: some old ingrained habits needed to be addressed. 

Take coffee cups. Ceramic or paper ones alike. They are stacked on top of all traditional machines. Not only do they make ‘the wall of steel’ even more obstructively high, they are not ergonomically placed, and when the intention is warming the cups, it practically never does so consistently. 



Good design is not only making things look great, but also making them a pleasure  to use. Form follows flow. That goes for everything in sight, but also for the elements hidden under the counter. 

So it is with great pleasure that we present MODUS One, the AREMDE modular under-counter system. Elements that are easy to piece together, creating great flow for everyday action. Starting with the cup warmer and cup holder we will continue to develop parts of MODUS for your convenience.



By using the standard rack from the dishwasher as the placeholder to warm your coffee cups, you tidy things up and save time.

There’s no need anymore to place those cups one by one on top of the counter after cleaning them. Just slide them all in on top of the boiler unit where they sit heated and ready to use at a consistent temperature. And because we use the existing heat of the boiler instead of an extra heating point, we save energy at the same time. So the planet also wins




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